Opened Bids

Sr No Tender No Tender Title Type of Tender Date of Bids Opening
01 19/20-11 Servicing of Tank Water Cooling Spray Nozzle at NDP Limited 23/08/2020
02 19/20-12 Supply of Manpower for Catering Services Limited 25/08/2020
03 20/21-05 Private Group Medical Insurance for KAFCO Non Graded Staff Limited 17/09/2020
04 20/21-02 Supply of Batteries Limited 26/10/2020
05 20/21-04 Supply & Installation of Altosonic Signal Converter Single Source 19/10/2020
06 19/20-06 Supply of Tyres Limited 19/11/2020
0720/21-01Upgradation of Leak Detection SystemSingle Source18/01/2021
0820/21-06Supply of UPS BatteriesLimited25/11/2020
0920/21-07Maintenance of Transformers at Old DepotLimited12/11/2020
1020/21-10Supply of Manpower for Security ServicesLimited30/12/2020
1120/21-12Lead Insurer Services – KAFCO Aviation Fuelling & Product Liability Insurance PolicyLimited31/01/2021
1220/21-13Procurement of ComputersLimited23/02/2021
1320/21-11 Replacement of Process Area Lights Momarasah05/05/2021
1420/21-09Supply and Installation of Master MeterSingle Source18/05/2021
1521/22-01VxRail – License & Support RenewalMomarasah27/05/2021
1620/21-15Maintenance of Transformers at Old & New DepotsSingle Source01/07/2021
1721/22-02Tank Gauging, Actuators and Related Works for 6 Tanks at Old DepotLimited25/08/2021
1821/22-05Services of General / B.Sc. Nurse with MOH LicenseLimited09/11/2021
1921/22-06Asphalt Works for KAFCO Depots (New & Old) with Road MarkingLimited22/09/2021
2021/22-10Private Group Medical Insurance for KAFCO Non Graded StaffLimited20/10/2021
2121/22-12 Technical Support Services Limited19/01/2022
2221/22-09NDT & Full Inspection of ATK
Tank-09 in Old Depot
2321/22-04Upgrade Flow Metering SystemLimited25/11/2021
2421/22-15PHA RevalidtionMomarasah01/02/2022
2521/22/14Service to carry out Audit of Financial Statement of KAFCO for the year 2022-2023Momarash16/02/2022
Replacement of Data Acquisition System Single Source16/01/2022, 14/04/2022,
2721/22/16 Supply of Hydrant Special Items – Hydrant Pit Valves, Isolation Ball Valve Single Source05/06/2022 & 04/07/2022
28 21/22/17 Supply of Hydrant Special Items – Hydrant Pit Boxes & Its Accessories Single Source04/07/2022 & 04/08/2022
2922/23/11 vSAN License Upgrade Momarasah (Limited) 20/07/2022
30 22/23/13 Network Switch Momarasah (Limited)
31 22/23/14 DR Server Consolidation Momarasah (Limited)
32 22/23/03 Supply of Manpower for Catering Services for 48 Months Limited26/10/2022
33 22/23/15 Provision of Services for Public Relations & Social Events Momarasah (Limited) 12/10/2022
34 22/23/16
Private Group Medical Insurance for KAFCO Non Graded Staff Momarasah (Limited) 12/10/2022

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